Bracelet collage

Bracelet collage
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Pin To Win !!

So here is my first PIN TO WIN  giveaway !

I'm new at this so if I do something wrong please bear with me.
The giveaway is a pair of my "Ritz" Earrings!  They are made using Silver Filled Wire and gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Top Drill bi cones.

To enter - merely Pin the photo to one of your boards. Winner will be chosen randomly through on Sunday night .

Happy Pinning !


  1. Hi Bette, I can't pin it from here ... Dora Muller Harrison

  2. Got it pinned, had go about in a different way..These are very elegant earrings. LOVE to wear these..

  3. Glad you got to Dora. Do you have the Pinterest tool on your bookmark bar? That's how I pinned it..
    Or it's on both of my FaceBook pages too :)