Bracelet collage

Bracelet collage
Wrist Bling

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I had no idea how long I've been away !

Goodness how time flies !
Well in all honesty, July and August were pretty much a blur for me. i was in and out of the hospital the entire time !  :(

I am now working with leather as well as my wire working, beading and chain maille.

Watch closely.....

There will be a New Years Day Giveaway on my FB Page starting tomorrow !!!  One day only !!!

I do hope many will share - with FaceBook making all those horrid changes trying to shut us little businesses out.. shame on them !

Happy stalking ! and Entering

Happy New Year to you all !

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Guess My Size Giveaway !

I've been lapse in keeping up with my blog. I have two blogs, and *hangs head* sadly have neglected both.

Being away for such a lengthy time, I think my return should herald a giveaway !  Would you like that?
I think everyone loves a giveaway, especially if they win right?

So... here you have it ! This is a 11x8mm faceted Blue Goldstone with Swarovski crystal embellishment, wrapped in Copper Wire.

To enter:
The first person to guess the correct size will win this eye-catching beauty.

1.Comments must be posted under this blog post.
2.  You may only guess twice. Please no multiple guesses.
3."Anonymous " entries will cannot be accepted  (I have no way to contact you) 
4. I must be able to contact you, for a mailing address within 24 hours or the next person closest to the correct size will be the new winner.

I can always be contacted via my FaceBook page with any questions. Simply click on message and type away :)

Have fun ! Guess away  ♥

Friday, March 14, 2014


I've spent the last few months organizing what I like to call my "Design Palace"
I figure if men can have a Man Cave we can have a Design Palace right?

That being said, I have discovered many goodies I had long forgotten about !  Oh my ! the items I found !

My local friends are enjoying this trek through time as they get the items I have chosen to toss out. They love the beads, old tools, wire, and even yes I found some shiny silver elastic.  Didn't we stop using that in the Dark Ages sometime ... lol

In my re-arranging I came across a case of jewelry making kits I had purchased when I was teaching jewelry making basics. There is a variety with each being slightly different from the others. I soon stopped teaching with them as I never seemed to have enough of a certain kit the EVERY student just had to make.

So here they sat.. Until now..
I will also be listing them for sale or you may contact me by posting a comment.

I digress...

I've chosen one of these kits to be my next giveaway ! And it is right here on my blog !

This is a Jewelry Basics kit from Cousin Corporation. It contians 81 pieces and enough to make the necklace, earrings and bracelet in the photos. There is also a detailed instruction booklet included.

I've made this particular set and really like it ! I've also used another one for the pieces. Who doesn't like all that romantic filigree metal ?

To enter:
1. Simply post a comment below this blog post.  **Please NO anonymous  posts, I can't find you if you're anonymous**

2. Check back on Monday  March 17, 2104 for the winner announcement.

3. You will have 24 hours to contact me and claim your prize or a redraw will be done.

4. You are not required to share this on FaceBook, Google +, Pinterest, Picsity or other social media sites, but it would make my day if you did !  I am on all the above media sites and it makes me smile to see a giveaway in my NewsFeed....

Good luck and don't forget to post a comment !!

Monday, March 3, 2014

30 Day Challenge Day 3

  We all know I will never be able to complete 30 days of jewelry challenges right?  Well, in all honesty I only saw the email from Fusion Beads on Saturday so I was already 2 days late. March 2md called for having a Beading Party, and since it was the 2nd - too late !

I chose to work on day 3.  Make a bracelet with matching earrings.. Easy Peasy right ?
Well, these are the items I chose:

So I started with Silver Fill Wire and Vintage Faceted Swarovski Crystals in Montana Blue.  I think that Silver brings out the shades of Blue perfectly. Though I will admit to loving Gold too !

First thought- earrings ? Not a big issue. But then I remembered I need to have 3 matching crystals. Whoa ! I need a bigger table !

I cleaned and cut my wire and set it beside each crystal as I cut.. Ideas forming in my mind. I settled on an elegant look. As I worked I realized these needed more sparkle. I added a few Swarovski Bicones in Metallic Blue and Bermuda Blue and one Crystal AB.

Now the fun part:

The earrings came out beautifully

 Here is the matching bracelet with a bit more bling at the top.

And here is the completed set !
Anastasia in all her beauty will be listed today in my Etsy shop

I enjoyed the challenge immensely ! I even used those faceted crystals I've been looking at for over a year now.. So maybe I also completed another of the daily challenges too :)

If you want a challenge and bit of fun  join the challenge- you'll unleash your creative muse from the winter doldrums !!