Bracelet collage

Bracelet collage
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Guess My Size Giveaway !

I've been lapse in keeping up with my blog. I have two blogs, and *hangs head* sadly have neglected both.

Being away for such a lengthy time, I think my return should herald a giveaway !  Would you like that?
I think everyone loves a giveaway, especially if they win right?

So... here you have it ! This is a 11x8mm faceted Blue Goldstone with Swarovski crystal embellishment, wrapped in Copper Wire.

To enter:
The first person to guess the correct size will win this eye-catching beauty.

1.Comments must be posted under this blog post.
2.  You may only guess twice. Please no multiple guesses.
3."Anonymous " entries will cannot be accepted  (I have no way to contact you) 
4. I must be able to contact you, for a mailing address within 24 hours or the next person closest to the correct size will be the new winner.

I can always be contacted via my FaceBook page with any questions. Simply click on message and type away :)

Have fun ! Guess away  ♥