Bracelet collage

Bracelet collage
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To Tut or not to Tut ?

Last year I wrote a tutorial for wire wrapped beginner ring.
It's a very simple tutorial really, using a Swarovski crystal heart and wire.
You can add bicones to enhance it as well.

My tutorial has been accepted in Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine thus creating a dilemma.  I have been considering placing the tutorial here on my blog for all to use. If I send it off to print I guess that would be the same?
They want so many changes though arrrgghhhh !

Stay tuned, maybe this dilemma will get resolved .

Monday, April 1, 2013

New Giveaway on my FB page !

I decided it was time for another GiveAway on my FaceBook fan page !
It's  a 28mm Crystal faceted Heart wrapped and woven with non-tarnish Silver Artistic Wire.

The heart isn't nearly this dark, but this is how the photo came out with the camera and the white background. The heart has more of a peachy/teal look when you turn it to see the different facets.
It is a remarkable crystal and one I immediately fell in love with when I saw it.

As always, a MUST have !

Here is the link to the  Giveaway  merely click on Giveaway and you will be spirited away to enter !

I do have a question for you to please answer,though it should have been more specific. I ask if you would like to see more wire work from me. I actually would like to know if you'd like more wire work or bead work. But the mind wanders when we need to think sometimes :)

It is not a requirement, but I would be grateful if the link is shared too ♥

Good luck !!