Bracelet collage

Bracelet collage
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To Tut or not to Tut ?

Last year I wrote a tutorial for wire wrapped beginner ring.
It's a very simple tutorial really, using a Swarovski crystal heart and wire.
You can add bicones to enhance it as well.

My tutorial has been accepted in Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine thus creating a dilemma.  I have been considering placing the tutorial here on my blog for all to use. If I send it off to print I guess that would be the same?
They want so many changes though arrrgghhhh !

Stay tuned, maybe this dilemma will get resolved .

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  1. It is worth it! After you've published a tut or two, it gets easier, I swear it does. I've only published one PC tut so far but I published quite a few woodcrafting tuts years ago (with much editing) and that experience really paid off because the publisher who edited my PC tut was pretty pleased with it. It may be frustrating but they know what makes an easy to follow and concise tut (the difference between reading lots of tuts and publishing them and hearing from readers which tuts are good and why is immense) it will make you a better tut writer =)

    BTW Congrats woman! The hard work is paying and you deserve it!