Bracelet collage

Bracelet collage
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Watcher

                The Watcher

The last of his kind on Middle Earth.
 His eyes have born witness to the battles of Men.
 His Armour handed down through the Ages..

This piece has been over one year in the design and making. First I had to convince the fantastic Polymer clay artist Lynn Reno of Desert Rubble   that her Polymer Clay Dragon Eyes were the utmost closest to perfection to be found. I knew I had to have one. She even made the eye (ball) the color of my choosing.

After the eye arrived I looked at it for months..Secretly opening the box,  unwrapping the tissue paper and gazing at this phenomenal work.  I have a boot at the Sarasota Medieval Faire and knew this Dragon had to be back in his own realm.

The finished product you see here is the culmination of 7 different design attempts until I was satisfied. The Watcher has European 6 in 1 Aluminum chain maille for the base, surrounded of all 4 sides by Helm chain. The Dragon's armour is Japanese 12 in 2 in Mint anodized Aluminum.
The Watcher also comes with a chain also handmade. I chose aluminum for the lightweight appeal.

Large Magatamas create the look of scales surrounding the Dragon Eye piece.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pin To Win !!

So here is my first PIN TO WIN  giveaway !

I'm new at this so if I do something wrong please bear with me.
The giveaway is a pair of my "Ritz" Earrings!  They are made using Silver Filled Wire and gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Top Drill bi cones.

To enter - merely Pin the photo to one of your boards. Winner will be chosen randomly through on Sunday night .

Happy Pinning !