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Bracelet collage
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Possible new tutorial on the way

As many of you know I work in a Bead Store part time as well as teach there. We have a very sweet lady who is allergic to all metals, but loves her jewelry. She has a great eye for color and design too!

So she was playing with different ways to bead around a magnetic clasp so she can wear it safely.
She came in and showed us what she came up with and it was so simple and fast!

Would you like me to photo it and post it here for you to try?

When I mentioned her making a tut for others, her reply was " Post it on your blog for others to enjoy. It may help someone else with metal allergies"

So be on the look out for
Karen Cooper's  10 minute beaded magnetic clasp covers  soon !


  1. Hey! Ms. Bette! A word to the wise about the cap, it does need to be glued. However, don't (and I mean don't) glue it before you sting it unless you are super careful with the glue! It took me a while before I could get the fireline through the eye of the clasp!It seems the glue (E 6000) had a mind of it's own and had filled the top of the clasp. Good news...? It isn't coming off any time soon! And it looks great!Hope everyone enjoys the tut! Karen!

  2. Thanks Karen ! I'm still trying to get great detail photos to post it. I want to do your idea justice