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Bracelet collage
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tooth Decay

Ever wonder how a shark keeps it's mouth clean? No, well me neither as long as that mouth is nowehere near me.

Which brings me to my next Giveaway..

This Giveaway will run until my Facebook fan page reaches 1300 fans. Now for the good part.

Rules of the Giveaway:

1. You must suggest the fan page to a friend.
2.Post a new comment with that friends name (first) and the daily question.
3. YES you can enter daily until the Fan Page reaches 1300 fans!


Name your toothpaste.
Kathy (friend)- Colgate

You can suggest a friend each day and answer the question and your name will be entered each time you respond.

Good luck and watch your dental work....

P.S.... the prize is the sharks tooth in the photo...


  1. I hope I am doing this right. I tagged a friend.
    Audrey - Toms (toothpaste)
    Deb Jennings

  2. I like Crest or Aquafresh toothpaste