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Bracelet collage
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shameless Plug Sunday

          If you're a follower of my Facebook fan page you know that in my efforts to help recognize our artists around the world I am hosting a "Shameless Plug Sunday" This falls in line with the "Buy Handmade" pledge I and many others have taken.
          All participating artists will be posting a link to one item in their store they would like to have promoted. I will then go to that link and send messages out via Twitter. They will post only one item and only one time. If time and Twitter permits there will ba a Shameless 2 round.
        In these economic times when we are all looking for a bargain, remember Handmade may cost a little more-but the quality is the best around. Love and time are put into each item created, not just a paycheck on an assembly line.
          I invite you to visit my page and click a few of the "I'm shameless" posts. You will be pleasantly delighted at all the options and great prices you'll find...

Remember:  Buy Handmade and support your local Artist..

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  1. New follower here, looking forward to Shameless Sunday! :)