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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making Elegant Ear wires that are interchangeable

For years I've made ear wires to go on my earring designs. I use a simple elegant design that is interchangeable with different dangles. Instead of offering a "set" with one pair or ear wires and multiple choices of changeable dangles I thought you might like to make your own ear wires.

These are not the best photos, I make jewelry and make no claims to being a one handed photographer :)

Here is a photo showing the different dangles I wear on my interchangeable ear wires.

 Tools list.
2 pieces 3 inch round wire. You can use 20g to 24g. Just remember if you use 24g they must very light weight dangles. The ear wires on the far right side top are made with 24g round. They are dainty looking-but with heavy dangles can tear the ears. (Think of piano wire and an assassin)

My favorite too. A 3-step plier. Notice the back side is flat -not concave. I labeled the steps, as this is the way you'll make your earrings. *Remember the flat side will always be the -back-**

Place one end of your wire so it just shows above the first step on the pliers. This will make it easier for the other side to meet up with it.

Bring your wire around Step1 until it meets the tip to form a circle.

This is how your wire should look after you remove it from the pliers.

Next place your wire on -step2- of the pliers. Notice how my loop now touches the flat/back of the pliers?  Keep your loops on the back side and you won't turn your wire the wrong way.

Once again, bring your wire around to meet itself and form another loop.

 Step 2 of your earrings. This larger loop will be the bottom of the ear wire where your dangle will go.

Step 3. Place the loops next to the back of the pliers as above. I recommend placing both ear wires on at the same time so your earrings are identical in length. Wrap the wires around the third step in the pliers.

Your earring is almost complete.

Here you can change it up a bit .I "tipped" the end to give it a more professional look.

I used the smallest tip of my round nose pliers in place of step 1, then step 1 on my pliers in place of step2 and finally step 3 for the ear lobe bend in the wires. This also gave me extra wire, which I sometimes clip off or leave long depending on the dangles I put on them.
You can also use a variety of items to make the ear lobe loop. An extra large Sharpie works great too.

As an added bling to your ears you can put a small crystal charm on the smalles loop.

Your next step is to use either a de-burring tool or sand paper to smooth the rough edges before placing them in your ears.


  1. Thank you Bette for a great tut...Hugs

  2. Wow. That is the easiest I've ever made ear wires... explained so simply!
    Thank you!!

  3. Nora you're welcome.. I love making my ear wires this way.. !