Bracelet collage

Bracelet collage
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wow!!!! 2500 FaceBook fans!!!!

I can hardly believe it myself...

Quite a few give aways ago I asked "Do You Trust Me?" So many of you did that I was astounded.
Well, it applies here as well.. Only I know what the prize will be, but I can promise it will be a good one!
All I will say is this:
The winner will receive an item made of Sterling Silver & Gold Fill.

*******Please read all rules below********

  1. To be entered sign up is on my Facebook Fan page. You must post in the comments section where you see the logo header above.  You may post comments on my blog-but they won't count as an entry.
  2. You must put in your wrist size (not the size bracelet you wear), ring size,-AND- length of necklace preferred. Total of 3 measurements.
  3. There must be a way to contact you should you win. If your FB page is tightly secured and I can't send a message I will regrettably be forced to redraw a new winner.
  4. Comment posts without the above information will be deleted-to help keep a proper count.
  5. You have enough time to find that elusive tape measure, because the winner will not be drawn until Saturday!
Have fun and SURPRISE!!!!!! 


  1. Off to enter. Cant wait to see who wins and what they won! ;) AND congrats on 2500!!! WOOT!

  2. Beautiful!!!Congrats Bette and ty for the chance!

  3. Congratulations!! I just entered. Can't wait to see what happens!

  4. Looking forward to seeing who the winner is! Good Luck to everyone, and Awesome 2500 to you...