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Bracelet collage
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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Tale Of Two Crosses

Those who know me, know I collect crosses. With all the health issues I experienced if not for my faith I doubt I would have made it.
              The cross in this photo my Mom made for my Grandmother many years ago. It is lovingly done using plastic canvas and yarn. I remember helping her cut the canvas to just the right size for those lovely Lillies draping the  Easter Cross. I had to make one, and did. However mine was given to Sister Jean at church, but I always had the best intentions of making one for myself again. We all know what happens to those best intentions right?
               When my grandmother passed away I asked for this cross. It now hangs on my living room wall. I see it each and every time I go out my front door, reminding me to be safe and careful in my daily endeavors. I have always wanted to give Mom something to take it's place, but never found exactly what I wanted . That is until 2 good friends I found on FaceBook peaked my interest and inspired me to get off my rear.
                Thanks to Karen Snyder  and Marie Frazier  we will all three warm my Mom's heart and make her smile once I get to deliver my finished product to her in Jacksonville.  You see Karen makes these gorgeous earrings and rings in a Romanov weave of chain maille. They are daintier than other patterns I've seen -which is why they caught my eye. I kept thinking, now why can't that be made into a cross. I wanted to make one but as usual never got around to it.. (Yeah we all know that story).

       Now, Here is my version of Marie's Romanov Cross. Mine is not to be worn but framed for Mom's wall.  It is 4 inches long. The Swarovski crystals I chose tell the story.. They are Caribbean Blue Opal. Blue was my Daddy's favorite color and the color of his eyes. The Opal is my birthstone.

      I've met so many wonderful friends and artists on FaceBook who share knowledge and ideas and am so proud to know each and everyone of them. More than I could ever say. 

Special thanks to Karen Snyder and Marie Frazier for the untold inspiration and friendship.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful and very heartwarming. You have done a wonderful thing for your mother and I'm sure she will love it. Your story is touching. Makes me want to go and do something special for my mom. Thank you for your inspiration and creativity. You and Karen truly are special ladies. Keep up the great work. God bless you extra special today. =)

  2. Christy ,
    Thank you so much for your compliment.
    If this helps "Pay it forward" my day is complete.

    God Bless you!

  3. Oh Bette - I'm all sniffly and teared-up here! What a sweet thing and what a wonderful thing to know that, on some level, I helped inspire you to make this amazing cross for your Mama. Love and hugs to you :)