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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Contest Trivia Answer

Congratulations to Cynthia for sending in the correct answer! And so soon.

1114 Count Hugh of Champagne returns to Jeruslalem and is accompanied by his vassal Hughes de Payen who remains in Jerusalem with eight other knights among them: Godfrey of Saint-Omar, Archambaud of Saint-Aignan, Payen of Montdidier, Geoffrey Bissot and a man known as both Rossal or Roland.

1119 On Christmas day, Hugh Of Payen and eight knights take a vow before the Patriarch in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre ofpoverty and chastity and obedience and become the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Jesus Christ. The Knights Templar are conceived.

This was pasted from her original answer email:  She used the original names prior to changes in spelling.
Great work Cynthia!

These 9 knights were the 9 founding members of The Order of the Knights Templar

1- Hughes de Payens

2- Geoffroy (Godfroi) de Stomer

3- Andrede Montbard

4- Geoffrey Bisol

5- Payen de Montdidier

6- Archambaud de St Aignan

7- Gundomar

8- Godfroi

9- Roral

Be on the lookout for more history Trivia contests in the coming months!

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