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Bracelet collage
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Ring Tutorial

Dana Ring Tutorial

This is a ring I named The Dana Ring, after  dear friend.  You will make this ring using a 2 hole bead and wire. You can embellish it with crystal bicones, and the possibilities are endless !
I love making these rings and thought why not let others make one as well. They are fun, get lots of compliments and do they ever scream bling !!!

As a courtesy to me, I request that this ring NOT be made for mass production. copied or taught without my permission.  
And please go easy on my photos. I tell everyone on my Fan Page  that I make jewelry NOT photos :)

I hope you enjoy making this #blingring !


22 gauge Artistic Wire
Swarovski 2 hole crystal heart
flat nose pliers
flush cutting pliers
ring mandrel
The Swarovski heart crystals can be purchased here on Etsy  in a variety of colors.

1.  You will want to cut your 22 gauge wire into 2 pieces of 10-12 inches each.  You can use 20 gauge wire, but it can make the ring a bit bulky with wire. Thread your Crystal Heart using both pieces of wire, and place the heart in the center.

2.  Place the heart and wire on your ring mandrel at a size approximately 1/4 -1/2 larger than you want to make. This is due to the inside diameter of your ring changing after you wrap it all together.

3. Wrap both sides of the wire around the mandrel once. This will give you 4 strands of wire for the back shank. Be careful making sure the wires do not twist.

4.  Make sure you have one side facing up and one side facing down.  Gently make one loop around the heart, ending with wire on each side.

  5.   Wrap 2-3 more times or as many as you would like in your design. I generally wrap 3. This will also help to secure your crystal from turning or angling the wrong way.

6.   Gently remove your ring from the mandrel, and while holding it take one side of your loose wire and wrap once around your ring shank, just to secure the side. Now do the same with the other side.
you can now continue with 1-2 more wraps on each side, finishing with a short cut near the shank and tapping the cut end down with your flat nose or chain nose pliers.. Remember to feel the edge to assure of no wire that could cause a scratch to anyone.

And there you have it ! A stunning #Swarovski Crystal #Heart ring !!