Bracelet collage

Bracelet collage
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I LOVE My FaceBook FANS!!!!!

I am so thrilled at hitting the 2000 fan mark on FaceBook this past weekend! I am still dancing on the ceiling with utter joy! I've pondered just what I could offer as a Giveaway that would show how much I cherish my fans-many  who have become dear friends.

So I decided with this milestone so close to Valentine's Day why not offer one of my Swarovski Crystal woven Heart Pendants!

This one is Light Siam and perfect for Valentine's Day with a Crystal AB bicone bail. Now, don't let the photo fool you, this heart has a total of 38 6mm crystals and the bail has 7 4mm crystals.
To make this wearable as soon as the winner receives it, I've also included and 18" Sterling Silver chain!

My giveaways are global and not reserved for the United States... so make sure you enter..

The giveaway will be open for entries until Sunday Morning!

Guess you want to know how to enter right?

Merely post on my blog AND my Fan Page   the words "Happy Valentine's Day" 
Let's see how many times we can get those words out there on the net in 3 days!!!!

Remember you must post on both pages to be entered..
The winner can contact me at  if I do not already have your information on hand..

Good luck and have fun!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where have our Faeries gone?

        A few weeks ago while talking with Karen Snyder  we discussed our lack of creativity of late. Our minds searching for fresh new ideas, were utterly empty. Wire sat motionless,, while jumprings cried at being alone -not joined as one with friends. This just cannot be, we cried! We have highly qualified Creative Muse Faeries! Where are they we wondered....?

         After extensive manhunts of hide & seek we found them to have been stolen! YES! Bring out the crime scene tape-We demand you send in CSI we screamed! No stone will be left unturned...
When all of a sudden there was the faintest of sounds. Is that a cry for help? Are they being held hostage? Trying to follow the sound, we found clothing and shoes...Now we all know any decent faerie would never leave shoes behind- clothes maybe-but shoes NEVER.

It was at this time we noticed the Cleaning Faeries were gone too. With crystals lying hither skither we searched and searched and the giggles (yes it was giggles) grew louder. Our search pattern widened.

Our Faeries were sitting on the beach in Bermuda soaking up the warm sun, listening to island music and drinking Pink Mystical Illusions. Oh, and watching all the tanned male fitness muses in the waves!
Can you believe it? Those lazy Cleaning Faeries enticed our Creative Muse Faeries to go on a vacation right when we needed them the most. And for an unspecified amount of time!

Well, no amount of persuasion has convinced them to return to us. Not even threats with a cast iron skillet. They laughed hysterical tears knowing we could never make good on such a threat.

So this is why we need you, our wonderfully creative fans and friends to help us bring them home.

We have created "The Great Cabochon (Cab) Challenge" and are inviting you to join for a take of the prize.
The Faerie ears are perked and ego is peeved that we'd even consider enlisting your help.

So, can you help us?
You can sign up and see the rules on my page  Or Karen's page- but you only have 2 weeks to help us out.

you see we have a deadline. The Faeries Visa will expire and they'll be lost to us in Bermuda forever.

So...... Cabbers unite!

Please help being our Faeries home and let the Challenge begin!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Heart is Yours Anklet

I will be hosting another giveaway!

This  adorable Swarovski Crystal heart anklet is up for grabs..  I will make one to fit if this is not the size needed. I was daydreaming of romance and Valentine's Day while making this little pretty.
This anklet is made of Swarovski Crystal Bi-cones in Light Siam and Crystal Ab, white glass pearls, and a Crystal AB Swarovski Heart.

The lobster clasp is heart shaped and the ends of the anklet joining the clasp are dainty little turtles..

This anklet is currently up for grabs-but- only on my FaceBook fan page and only until tomorrow night January 22,2011   6PM EST... 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

And the Winner is

Hubby drew out the winning name for me to make it proper.
Ozzi refused saying that dogs can't pick up tiny pieces of paper..

The winning name is:

Jennifer Twark Gersch !!!!!

Jennifer I've sent you a message via FaceBook..


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Celebrating 1900 fans on FaceBook

As my Thank You to all my wonderful fans/friends for helping me reach this milestone, I have decided this giveaway will  be a bracelet.
This is a Copper "Butterfly" Bracelet.
Now don't be alarmed. The bracelet in the photo has not been cleaned yet. I didn't want any "shine" to detract from the photo. These bracelets can be difficult to photo for that reason.
The winner will receive a newly handmade Butterfly bracelet in their size, cleaned, polished and ready to wear.
You may also choose to have your bracelet bangle style or with a clasp as shown in the photo.
How do you enter?
Merely respond here on my blog and my Facebook fan page.
Both answers can be the same..
I will hold a random drawing when my page reaches 1900 fans. The winner will be announced here and on my fan page with an email address to contact me with your mailing address and size.
The question you ask?

Which is your favorite Butterfly ?