Bracelet collage

Bracelet collage
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Japanese Chain Maille

I've researched the aspect of a chain maille "slave bracelet" for a few months. I wasn't really impressed with the ones I was seeing online mainly due to the fact I had a design of my own I wanted to try to make.
The movie Excalibur  depicts the Lady of the Lake wearing a beautiful gold chain maille slave bracelet. I keep envisioning this hand rising from the lake holding the infamous sword of "the one true king", and enslaving her hand from her finger to her wrist is a gorgeous chain maille bracelet.
This is the slave bracelet of my dreams.
The attempt seen here was designed using base metal gold jumprings of 2 different sizes attached to a "snake charmer" ring. 
I also didn't like the look of a piece of chain worn as the ring.
This bracelet took about 22-24 hours to complete. While it was time consuming I am thoroughly pleased with the look.
The type of chain maille is Japanese.
I am considering making it a little longer, but when I get the time.