Bracelet collage

Bracelet collage
Wrist Bling

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I had no idea how long I've been away !

Goodness how time flies !
Well in all honesty, July and August were pretty much a blur for me. i was in and out of the hospital the entire time !  :(

I am now working with leather as well as my wire working, beading and chain maille.

Watch closely.....

There will be a New Years Day Giveaway on my FB Page starting tomorrow !!!  One day only !!!

I do hope many will share - with FaceBook making all those horrid changes trying to shut us little businesses out.. shame on them !

Happy stalking ! and Entering

Happy New Year to you all !

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Guess My Size Giveaway !

I've been lapse in keeping up with my blog. I have two blogs, and *hangs head* sadly have neglected both.

Being away for such a lengthy time, I think my return should herald a giveaway !  Would you like that?
I think everyone loves a giveaway, especially if they win right?

So... here you have it ! This is a 11x8mm faceted Blue Goldstone with Swarovski crystal embellishment, wrapped in Copper Wire.

To enter:
The first person to guess the correct size will win this eye-catching beauty.

1.Comments must be posted under this blog post.
2.  You may only guess twice. Please no multiple guesses.
3."Anonymous " entries will cannot be accepted  (I have no way to contact you) 
4. I must be able to contact you, for a mailing address within 24 hours or the next person closest to the correct size will be the new winner.

I can always be contacted via my FaceBook page with any questions. Simply click on message and type away :)

Have fun ! Guess away  ♥

Friday, March 14, 2014


I've spent the last few months organizing what I like to call my "Design Palace"
I figure if men can have a Man Cave we can have a Design Palace right?

That being said, I have discovered many goodies I had long forgotten about !  Oh my ! the items I found !

My local friends are enjoying this trek through time as they get the items I have chosen to toss out. They love the beads, old tools, wire, and even yes I found some shiny silver elastic.  Didn't we stop using that in the Dark Ages sometime ... lol

In my re-arranging I came across a case of jewelry making kits I had purchased when I was teaching jewelry making basics. There is a variety with each being slightly different from the others. I soon stopped teaching with them as I never seemed to have enough of a certain kit the EVERY student just had to make.

So here they sat.. Until now..
I will also be listing them for sale or you may contact me by posting a comment.

I digress...

I've chosen one of these kits to be my next giveaway ! And it is right here on my blog !

This is a Jewelry Basics kit from Cousin Corporation. It contians 81 pieces and enough to make the necklace, earrings and bracelet in the photos. There is also a detailed instruction booklet included.

I've made this particular set and really like it ! I've also used another one for the pieces. Who doesn't like all that romantic filigree metal ?

To enter:
1. Simply post a comment below this blog post.  **Please NO anonymous  posts, I can't find you if you're anonymous**

2. Check back on Monday  March 17, 2104 for the winner announcement.

3. You will have 24 hours to contact me and claim your prize or a redraw will be done.

4. You are not required to share this on FaceBook, Google +, Pinterest, Picsity or other social media sites, but it would make my day if you did !  I am on all the above media sites and it makes me smile to see a giveaway in my NewsFeed....

Good luck and don't forget to post a comment !!

Monday, March 3, 2014

30 Day Challenge Day 3

  We all know I will never be able to complete 30 days of jewelry challenges right?  Well, in all honesty I only saw the email from Fusion Beads on Saturday so I was already 2 days late. March 2md called for having a Beading Party, and since it was the 2nd - too late !

I chose to work on day 3.  Make a bracelet with matching earrings.. Easy Peasy right ?
Well, these are the items I chose:

So I started with Silver Fill Wire and Vintage Faceted Swarovski Crystals in Montana Blue.  I think that Silver brings out the shades of Blue perfectly. Though I will admit to loving Gold too !

First thought- earrings ? Not a big issue. But then I remembered I need to have 3 matching crystals. Whoa ! I need a bigger table !

I cleaned and cut my wire and set it beside each crystal as I cut.. Ideas forming in my mind. I settled on an elegant look. As I worked I realized these needed more sparkle. I added a few Swarovski Bicones in Metallic Blue and Bermuda Blue and one Crystal AB.

Now the fun part:

The earrings came out beautifully

 Here is the matching bracelet with a bit more bling at the top.

And here is the completed set !
Anastasia in all her beauty will be listed today in my Etsy shop

I enjoyed the challenge immensely ! I even used those faceted crystals I've been looking at for over a year now.. So maybe I also completed another of the daily challenges too :)

If you want a challenge and bit of fun  join the challenge- you'll unleash your creative muse from the winter doldrums !!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Copper In Jewelry

I've been away for the holidays , camping in the Florida Keys and have found something unique about my copper thumb ring.

My ring is made completely of wire and braided. While at home, I wear it daily.  So it gets washed continually throughout the day when I wash my hands. I marveled at how it has remained so shiny and untarnished.  It is oxidized and sealed; but after all this time, one would think I'd have to clear the tarnish at some point.

Here it has sat on the table for a few days.
I picked it up this morning to find the beautiful rosy color has darkened.

I decided to wear it anyway. To my surprise with each hand washing, the pretty rose color is returning! Only using Dawn dish detergent or soft soap and water.

I am excited to experiment further.  I normally advise removing rings when washing, cooking , etc but with Copper tgis may not be necessary.

More to follow as I experiment.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sharing Handmade

As many of my fellow Artisans know, our handmade products are slowly being copied and mass produced.
Our hard work and passion is being, re-created into a lesser quality for a lesser price.

That being said I am hoping you will join me in spreading our Handmade beautiful works of art. Whether you create Flower Arrangements, Jewelry, Paintings, Baskets,Crochet, Knit, Sew or the many others ways he share our love, please help share it with the Global world.

I hope this doesn't end with only the Christmas season, but continues on indefinitely. I will certainly continue to do my part !  All I ask is that we take a few moments every few days and "share" anothers work.
Simple, easy and we all band together as one, showing our passion and quality for each others business.

I will be placing a similar posting such as this on my FaceBook Business Page in the notes section. I am asking any Artisan who would like to participate to post a  *valid* (please check it for us) to your business page.  I am also asking that they please share others work as well. This can be on your personal profile, blog, and Twitter. When sharing please include a link to that particular item, hopefully it can create a sale !
And the same will be done for you also.

Please use the hashtag  #ArtisanSharingArtisan    maybe we can take this further than even I hope ! Let's sprad the handmade movement and help each other  !

I will be sharing links on my FaceBook Profile, and Tweeting that same link each time I share. I've been doing this for a few weeks now and it makes me feel really good inside, helping a fellow passionate artist be seen by my friends and on Twitter !

I can be found at Twitter here 

If you would like to join me- remember to post your links here, I'll check back regularly.
And/or on my Business Page on FaceBook !

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ring Tutorial

Dana Ring Tutorial

This is a ring I named The Dana Ring, after  dear friend.  You will make this ring using a 2 hole bead and wire. You can embellish it with crystal bicones, and the possibilities are endless !
I love making these rings and thought why not let others make one as well. They are fun, get lots of compliments and do they ever scream bling !!!

As a courtesy to me, I request that this ring NOT be made for mass production. copied or taught without my permission.  
And please go easy on my photos. I tell everyone on my Fan Page  that I make jewelry NOT photos :)

I hope you enjoy making this #blingring !


22 gauge Artistic Wire
Swarovski 2 hole crystal heart
flat nose pliers
flush cutting pliers
ring mandrel
The Swarovski heart crystals can be purchased here on Etsy  in a variety of colors.

1.  You will want to cut your 22 gauge wire into 2 pieces of 10-12 inches each.  You can use 20 gauge wire, but it can make the ring a bit bulky with wire. Thread your Crystal Heart using both pieces of wire, and place the heart in the center.

2.  Place the heart and wire on your ring mandrel at a size approximately 1/4 -1/2 larger than you want to make. This is due to the inside diameter of your ring changing after you wrap it all together.

3. Wrap both sides of the wire around the mandrel once. This will give you 4 strands of wire for the back shank. Be careful making sure the wires do not twist.

4.  Make sure you have one side facing up and one side facing down.  Gently make one loop around the heart, ending with wire on each side.

  5.   Wrap 2-3 more times or as many as you would like in your design. I generally wrap 3. This will also help to secure your crystal from turning or angling the wrong way.

6.   Gently remove your ring from the mandrel, and while holding it take one side of your loose wire and wrap once around your ring shank, just to secure the side. Now do the same with the other side.
you can now continue with 1-2 more wraps on each side, finishing with a short cut near the shank and tapping the cut end down with your flat nose or chain nose pliers.. Remember to feel the edge to assure of no wire that could cause a scratch to anyone.

And there you have it ! A stunning #Swarovski Crystal #Heart ring !!